Maison Caulières

The monarch celebrated her milestone birthday in April and it has been revealed that one of her favourite presents was the £50 beauty product from Fortnum & Mason which her husband bought. She loved the Maison Caulieres extra virgin sunflower, rapeseed and linseed oils product so much that the Queen has requested a bottle is sent to Buckingham Palace every two weeks, according to the Mail on Sunday.

A luxurious blend of extra virgin oils to soften and protect the skin.

Maison Caulières is a 250 year old family business, nurturing sunflower, rapeseed and linseed oil for their medicinal properties for centuries. These extra virgin cold pressed oils nourish, protect and help regenerate the skin.

The orange range of Maison Caulières products are inspired by the summer, and reveal a sensual floral of fleur de genet. Use small amounts in the morning or evening, massaging lightly over the body until it is absorbed.

At Desforges de Caulières estate, mainly sunflower, rapeseed and linseed are grown, which were used in the past for family care because of the medicinal properties. Due to their high concentration in essential fatty acids, the Desforges de Caulières oils have beneficial properties for the health as well as for the skin.


Furniture polish

Enhance the natural beauty and depth of grain in finished and unfinished wood with an unique blend of soft beeswax, hard carnauba wax and pure orange oil.

Maintain and enhance the beauty of furniture with Howard Feed-N-Wax with Orange Oil.
  • Prevent drying and deterioration of all wood finishes.
  • Polish all wood surfaces to a soft luster and protect with a coating of natural waxes.
  • Use to maintain the restored finish after using Restor-A-Finish.

Prevent Drying and Cracking

Use Howard Feed-N-Wax to prevent drying and cracking while preserving the wood finish. Feed-N-Wax is a special blend of beeswax, carnauba wax, and orange oil. It enhances the natural beauty and depth of grain in finished and unfinished wood.

Maintain the Natural Beauty

Use Feed-N-Wax every couple of months to maintain the natural beauty of your wood finish. Polish all wood surfaces to a soft lustre while leaving a protective coating of beeswax and carnauba wax.


Feed-N-Wax works best when you leave it on for about twenty minutes before buffing off.

Howard Products recommends that you use Feed-N-Wax to enhance natural beauty & depth of grain in finished & unfinished wood. Contains Beeswax, Carnauba wax and orange oil.

Silver polish

The Choice of Silversmiths for over 90 Years

  • Cleans and polishes all silver, silver plating, appliances and chrome fittings.
  • Special Pine-Ola blend retards tarnish and keeps silver bright.
  • Quickly cleans and polishes without using acids or harsh abrasives.

Howard Products shows you how to remove tarnish from silver surfaces. You can clean and polish most metal surfaces with Pine-Ola Silver Polish.


Before you go to the extreme of stripping it, try restoring.

  • Eliminates white heat rings and water marks
  • Blends out scratches and blemishes
  • Restores colour and lustre to faded finishes
  • Will NOT dissolve existing finish

Most finished wood surfaces that seem to need complete refinishing can be restored in a few minutes
with a simple wipe-on, wipe-off process. White heat rings, and water marks, sun fade, smoke damage and most other blemishes can be quickly eliminated.

How does it work?

Restor-A-Finish is a unique finish-penetrating formula that restores the original colour and lustre to your finish while blending out the blemishes and minor scratches. Restor-A-Finish cleans the surface and restores the finish in one step – without removing any of the existing finish.

Restore It – Don’t Strip It!

With a simple wipe-on, wipe-off process, most finished wood surfaces that seem to need a refinishing job can be completely restored in a few minutes. White heat rings and water marks, sun fade, oxidation, smoke damage, and most other blemishes can be quickly eliminated. Before you go to the extreme of stripping it, try restoring it!

Treat Scratches, Nicks, and Abrasions

Restor-A-Finish works best when applied with a small pad of towelling, or for severe white rings and crazing, with Super Fine (0000) steel wool. DO NOT pour directly on the finish. When using steel wool, always rub with the grain of the wood. First, determine the pressure you should use on an inconspicuous spot, as the hardness of finishes vary.

White Heat Rings and Water and Smoke Damage

Apply Restor-A-Finish (see above) with steel wool and rub hard enough with the grain of the wood to blend out the white effect. If high gloss finish should appear dull due to the use of steel wool, polish it out with Howard Restor-A-Shine polishing compound.

Revive Wood Finishes

Wipe on the appropriate colour of Restor-A-Finish with a clean cloth. Let it stand for a few minutes then wipe dry. If you desire a darker shade, simply apply a darker colour of Restor-A-Finish.

Raised and Blistered Finishes

Apply Neutral Restor-A-Finish (to prevent darkening of wood beyond temporary “wet effect”) with steel wool. As blisters soften press down while the Restor-A-Finish is applied. Wipe dry, and again later if the surface “blooms” with excess Restor-A-Finish.

Restore Minor Crazed or Checked Finishes

Apply Restor-A-Finish with Medium Grade (00) steel wool. Rub hard enough to smooth out the finish, periodically checking your progress. Checked or crazed surfaces may absorb an excess of Restor-A-Finish and “bloom out” requiring another wiping later.

Treat Carved Wood

Restor-A-Finish has saved many hours of labour by chemically cleaning and restoring the finish on carved portions of furniture and clocks. Simply apply Restor-A-Finish with a small paint brush or soft tooth brush and wipe off.


Be careful to protect fabric, carpets, and linoleum when applying Restor-A-Finish. It may leave a permanent stain. If spilling occurs, immediately scrub areas with straight liquid detergent or stain remover and wipe dry. Be sure to cover a small area at a time when applying Restor-A-Finish. Always wipe dry. DO NOT apply Restor-A-Finish to the new imitation wood finishes or use it under polyurethane finishes as a stain!

Orange oil

Orange Oil is a liquid cleaner and polish for varnished and natural timber products

  • Clean and polish wood finishes with real orange oil
  • Enhances the depth and natural beauty of wood grain
  • Leaves no wax build up, only the clean scent of oranges
  • Contains NO silicone or linseed oil.
Howard Products recommends Orange Oil to help break down dirt on wood. Buy Orange Oil for your wood furniture cleaning and restoration needs!

It is also ideal for a number of kitchen surfaces, including most bench-top surfaces and even stainless steel. The orange oil component of the blend is a wonderful natural cleaner and the high grade pure mineral oil is good for wood and also modifies the ascorbic acid in the orange oil, making it safe and effective.

Always spray a little onto a soft, clean cloth – either a cotton rag or a good quality micro-fibre cloth – and test it on an inconspicuous area. Move the cloth across the surface lightly and briskly and any visible dust will disappear. To remove any grime or build up, ensure that your cloth has sufficient orange oil on it and rub a little harder until surface smudges and grime comes away. Then simply rub and buff until the surface is dry.

For more serious marks in varnished surfaces refer to information on the use of Restor-A-Finish.