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Flowers 607016 pattern in the MARIA shape Rosenthal GmbH is a German manufacturer of porcelain and other household goods. Founded in 1879 as a family business by Philipp Rosenthal, who moved his porcelain painting from Werl (North Rhine-Westphalia) to Selb in…
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Grovedale Pottery

Large 34cm dip platter, with printed backstamp. Danny Ortiz and his wife Karen operate a working pottery studio, gallery and cafe at Grovedale, Victoria. A potter with many years’ experience making wheel-thrown and handmade stoneware pieces, Ortiz marks his work…
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Silverplate from Hecworth was advertised in 1936. “Hecworth” was a brand name sold through a shopfront in Collins Street Melbourne.  Hecworth plate was made by Platers Pty Ltd in the Melbourne suburb of St Kilda at 39 Greeves street. The “Hecworth”…
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Bud vase

Stuart crystal Shaftesbury teardrop bud vase

This cut lead crystal bud vase from the ‘Shaftesbury’ suite by Stuart Crystal has an everted rim, tapering in to a waisted neck and broad bulbous body with a lattice formed from five rows of interlocking diamond shaped panels surmounted…
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