Antique Majolica Oyster Plate

Six, Shell Shaped Wells, with alternating colours of Turquoise Blue and Lavender Pink, Separated with Turquoise Blue, Sprigs of Seaweed, Sit on a Brown Textured Background. Cobalt Blue Centre Well for Condiment, Lemon and Sauce. Trimmed with a soft yellow band. The underside is mottled in browns. Unmarked. Measures 9 7/8″ Diameter.

Majolica Circa 1880 – 1890
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George Morley emigrated to Ohio after learning the pottery trade in Staffordshire England. He established the Pottery, Morley & Company, in Wellsville, Ohio in 1879. Joined by his son’s in 1884, the Morley Co., made more majolica pottery than any other firm, west of Pennsylvania. He retired from the Company in 1890 to become mayor of East Liverpool and the firm closed in 1891.

History of Majolica Pottery

Majolica is a type of glazed jewel-toned pottery associated with Spain, Italy and Mexico. It was widely produced in Europe and America in the second half of the 19th Century, but its roots are much older.

During the Renaissance, a collection of majolica signified affluence and good taste. Majolica also was considered to be the perfect gift for important occasions such as engagements, weddings or births.