Libbey Gibraltar

50 years since its introduction, Libbey’s Gibraltar glassware remains one of the world’s most iconic glass designs. There’s a reason bartenders, waitstaff and guests love this selection. It seamlessly combines beauty, practicality and durability into a hardworking form that delivers – day in, day out.

Libbey’s Gibraltar glassware

“Taller than a macchiato, shorter than a cappuccino, milk textured as a latte, temperature keyed for quaffability, the Gibraltar heralded a cultural moment in the world of coffee that we are still puzzling over. “

Blue Bottle Coffee

Steve Ford started serving coffee Blue Bottle Coffee at San Francisco in the Libbey Gibraltar glass.  Known to the locals as simply a “Gibraltar”, it was an off-menu item with a cult following. Today most Cortados are served in a gibraltar glass at coffee shops across the country.