MZ Austria

This beautiful antique porcelain plate features an elegant scalloped and embossed rim and is decorated with beautiful light pink roses and white flowers with light green foliage on a white background.

The MZ Austria mark with the Austrian imperial double-headed eagle, dates this piece between 1884 and 1909.

The Moritz Zdekauer Bank of Prague bought this porcelain factory at Altrohlau in 1884 and exported to North and South America, to the Dutch market and to Dutch colonies. Pieces were decorated with lavish floral patterns and overglaze gold decoration.

MZ Austria mark used by Moritz Zdekauer on porcelain produced at Austrian factory based in Altrohlau from 1884 to 1909.

The firm was bought by C.M. Hutschenreuther in 1909 and then used a MZ Altrolau mark. The firm operated under the name Altrohlau Porcelain Factories from 1909 to 1945. It was nationalized after World War II. In 1992, the factory as privatized and was an established stock company known as Starorolsky Porcelan Moritz Zdekauer. Since June 2013 the porcelain tradition has been continued by the limited liability company Bohemia porcelán Moritz Zdekauer 1810, who purchased the assets and the trademarks from the wound up joint-stock company Starorolský porcelán Moritz Zdekauer without any production interruption.

The factory in Stará Role (Altrohlau) near Karlovy Vary was founded 1810 by Benedict Haßlacher who purchased land on the left bank of the Rolava river to build a mass mill, two buildings and one round furnace and to establish a pottery manufacture there.

Bought by Augustin Novotny in 1824, under his management employment rose to 100 workers. In 1836 Novotny started manufacturing porcelain. The factory production was constantly rising. In 1870 it employed 800 workers.