Schlegelmilch porcelain

Rare and beautiful RS Prussia shell shaped dish. Circa 1895-1900. In excellent condition with some wearing of gold gilt. 8 ¾” from Pierced Handle to end, 9 ¼” at widest part of dish.

Original RS porcelain is thin, lightweight and translucent. Translucent means that light will pass through it. A simple test is to hold an object up to a bright light or window. Now place your open fingers behind the object. Your fingers should cast a dark shadow through the object.

For almost 100 years, 1869 to 1956, Reinhold Schlegelmilch’s initials, RS, appeared in various marks on fine German porcelain.

Influenced by Art Nouveau, many of Schlegelmilch’s vases and pitchers had arms and handles that recalled the borders on posters by Alphonse Mucha, or Hector Guimard’s wrought-iron entrances to the Paris Metro.

Approximate dates the various authentic RS wreath marks were used on Schlegelmilch porcelain.

After World War II, porcelain bearing the word “Poland” signified yet another change in venue for the R.S. Prussia factory.

RS Prussia Master Berry Bowl Set in the Sea Shell Mold Pattern. All pieces are marked with the RS Prussia logo. This set comes with the large master berry bowl and six side small berry bowls. Decorated with pink cabbage roses and trimmed in gold gild these bowls are accented in sea foam green giving them a very soft and delicate appearance.

Dimensions: Master- 10.5″ diameter x 3.25″ tall Side Berry Bowls: 5″ diameter x 1″ tall