Pink Aves

Royal Crown Derby ‘Pink Aves’ breakfast cup and saucer.

Queen Victoria by Royal Warrant in 1890 appointed the Company Porcelain Manufacturers to Her Majesty, with the privilege of using the title Royal before the company’s name. This signal sign of Royal Patronage has been renewed in succeeding reigns.

Royal Crown Derby in a circle above a Crown above interlinked D’s with MADE IN ENGLAND with year cypher below from 1921

King George III visited the Derby works in 1773 and granted a patent permitting use of the Royal Crown, which thereafter became ‘Crown Derby’.

The history of Royal Crown Derby began in 1745, when André Planché, a Huguenot immigrant from Saxony, settled in Derby.

Blue Aves Open Sugar Bowl.

The Aves range is adapted from a pattern by painter, Albert Gregory, who is recorded as an apprentice at Minton and later at Derby in the 1890s. His bouquets featured a fully-blown cabbage rose, now generally referenced as ‘The Gregory Rose’.

‘The Gregory Rose’ showing signature