Webb Corbett

One of the great names in English lead crystal glass.

The primary Webb Corbett product has always been cut and engraved lead crystal, particularly stemware. Most pieces are marked by sandblasting or acid stamping. This mark was used between 1930 and 1947.

Vintage Webb and Corbett sparkly cut crystal small stemmed dessert bowls, comports, sweets dishes, or sorbet cups approx 9cm tall.

Webb Corbett was founded in 1897 by George Corbett and Herbert Webb and Thomas Webb III (two grandsons of Thomas Webb.) The original name of the glass house was Thomas Webb and Corbett Limited. Although two Webb descendants were partners, there was no connection between this new firm and Thomas Webb & Sons.

Original mark registered 1897

In the 1930s, the company name was changed from Thomas Webb and Corbett Ltd to Webb Corbett Ltd.

These two arched marks were etched on cut stemware, ca. 1930-1960

The company was absorbed by Royal Doulton in 1969 and in 1986 the Webb Corbett name was dropped altogether. The company continues in production today under the name Royal Doulton Crystal. In the 1970s, Webb Corbett brought back a limited line of cameo glass called “air carved,” another name for sandblasting. These pieces had a single layer of colored glass over a thick clear glass body.