Ann and Göran Wärff

Kosta Boda handcrafted art-glass designed by Ann and Göran Wärff and made by Kosta Boda in Sweden.

Party leaf-embossed designed by Ann and Göran Wärff

Grape pattern designed by Ann Wärff

“The melt, glowing in the furnace, is what draws me to new discoveries. With every gather, I feel an almost irresistible urge to give new expression to the magic of glass, to create a work that will be the bearer of light, the sea and the air. Each piece that I design I try to make a receptacle for light, for warmth and sensuality.” Few, if any, have such a deep feeling for the glass melt as Göran Wärff, who has always shown special interest in preserving the traditional skills of the master craftsmen in glassblowing and glass cutting. The play of light within the clear volume of the glass and the endless optical phenomena that occur as the glass diffracts the light are a recurring theme in Göran Wärff’s art and design work. Nature and the play of light in nature are his other main sources of inspiration, beyond the glass itself.

Limelight candle tealight holder designed by Göran Wärff

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