Flowers 607016 pattern in the MARIA shape

Rosenthal GmbH is a German manufacturer of porcelain and other household goods.

Founded in 1879 as a family business by Philipp Rosenthal, who moved his porcelain painting from Werl (North Rhine-Westphalia) to Selb in Bavaria.

In 1897, Philipp Rosenthal founded the company Bauer, Rosenthal & Co. in Kronach.

The Rosenthal Archive, a collection of around 15,000 exhibits from 130 years of company history, were purchased by the Oberfranken Foundation on 12 August 2009 and is provided as a permanent loan to the Porzellanikon, the State Museum of Porcelain in Hohenberg an der Eger, Selb. These include nearly all product designs, from the company’s foundation.

Rosenthal Mark 1983-1991

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