Schumann porcelain

Fruit Plates with lobed, pierced rims; various fruit cluster centers.

Originally from Angelroda (Thuringia) Christian Heinrich Schumann (*1822, †1884) had a small pottery in Arzberg that had to close because it was in the way of the railway which was finalized in November 1879 and connected Arzberg with the railway network.

Together with businessman Riess as financial backer, Christian Heinrich Schumann founded his new porcelain factory directly under the Jakobsburg castle, next to the market square in the town center and directly next to the railway tracks responsible for the closure of his previous business.

Carl Schumann II studied in America and founded the Schumann China Corporation of New York, which distributed Schumann products in the U.S. The factory was run by his brother Heinrich during his absence. While the new market in the U.S. at first seemed very promising, the world financial crisis which started in New York on October 25th 1929 put a dramatic end to nearly all Schumann export efforts.

Used between 1918 and 1929, single ‘SCHUMANN’ crown with ‘BAVARIA’.

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