Orrefors glasses

Rhapsody-Clear by Orrefors

Plain Bowl & Stem, Clear: 1960 – 1995

Height: 125 mm or 5 inches, set of six available.

In the Swedish village Orrefors in Småland, Orrefors glassworks manufacture high quality crystal glassware and art glass.

Founded in 1898, the Orrefors glassworks started to produce drinking glasses in 1913. Orrefors hired the brothers Eugen and Knut Bergkvist, who had worked at Kosta Boda, as well as Fritz Blomqvist and Heinrich Wollman. Wollman originated from Bohemia, which had a long tradition in glassmaking. A major influence was the Art Nouveau work of the French artist Émile Gallé. The clean lines of brilliant crystal of their designs was greatly admired at the Paris Exhibition of 1925.