Orange oil

Orange Oil is a liquid cleaner and polish for varnished and natural timber products

  • Clean and polish wood finishes with real orange oil
  • Enhances the depth and natural beauty of wood grain
  • Leaves no wax build up, only the clean scent of oranges
  • Contains NO silicone or linseed oil.
Howard Products recommends Orange Oil to help break down dirt on wood. Buy Orange Oil for your wood furniture cleaning and restoration needs!

It is also ideal for a number of kitchen surfaces, including most bench-top surfaces and even stainless steel. The orange oil component of the blend is a wonderful natural cleaner and the high grade pure mineral oil is good for wood and also modifies the ascorbic acid in the orange oil, making it safe and effective.

Always spray a little onto a soft, clean cloth – either a cotton rag or a good quality micro-fibre cloth – and test it on an inconspicuous area. Move the cloth across the surface lightly and briskly and any visible dust will disappear. To remove any grime or build up, ensure that your cloth has sufficient orange oil on it and rub a little harder until surface smudges and grime comes away. Then simply rub and buff until the surface is dry.

For more serious marks in varnished surfaces refer to information on the use of Restor-A-Finish.